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Automated Mental Status Exam

Information about the Automated Mental Status Exam:

  1. The Automated Mental Status Exam provides Multiselect list boxes that allow for single or multiple descriptors of appearance, movements, affect, mood, speech, sensorium, thoughts (clinician estimate of intellect, perception, form, contents), memory, insight and judgment.
  2. You can add your own descriptors to the lists provided and modify the sentences generated at will.
  3. Generates a Report Summary


Below is the Mental Status Exam Form. You click on the descriptors on the left for each tabbed element (if a particular element is not assessed, we recommend you enter N/A for not assessed). Then edit the statement created in the box on the right. The Appearance tab, descriptor listing, and box for editing the text generated is shown. The text can be imported (or copied and pasted) into a progress note or a psychological report (e.g., MSWord) documents.

Mental Status Exam User Interface

A sample MSE Report in full page format is shown.

Sample Report in Full Page Format