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VIPHIR, Trauma-Focused FBA and Standard FBA are for Pre-, Primary & Secondary Ages.

Other Instruments are for those of any age unless otherwise indicated clinically.

Knowledge--in finished form.

Expository--no doubt; but if Discovery follows, all the better!

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Virtual, In-Person, Hybrid Intervention Ratings and Progress Monitor (VIPHIR)/Universal & Classroom Screeners

The Virtual, In-Person, Hybrid Intervention (or "Observations") Ratings (VIPIR) Forms are for use by Teachers, RtI-B Specialists, credentialed Behavior Specialists, Professional School Counselors, and Healthcare Clinicians. PURPOSE: Forms are designed to assist school personnel and relevant contractors in helping students achieve their best. It serves as a quick means of assessing the functioning of students in the Virtual/Distance/Mobile/On-Line/Synchronous/Quasi-Direct Environments as well as the In-Person/Direct Learning Environments, and blending of the two (Hybrid). Depending on who is rating, the Forms have between 24 - 27 items to be rated using Likert scales (numerical ratings from 0 to 4), with Semantic Differentials (descriptors include Parity/Challenges: Mild, Moderate, Severe, Extreme). Hovering the mouse over the rating yields Descriptor definitions). There are fields for entering the number of In-School and Out-of-School suspensions, if applicable. It provides charts with repeated measures plotting the Response to Intervention and may also be used as a Universal Screener or Classroom Screener. If you are not a licensed healthcare provider, the Clinician portions of the Menu will be dimmed. All other features will be functional. AGES: Pre-, Primary and Secondary School-aged students.

Absenteeism Percent Calculation Form

Clinician Portion Only is Restricted.


$399.99 downloaded*. One User per Seat.


$499.99 downloaded*. Multiple Users per one purchaser's Seat.

Automated Mental Status Exam

The Automated Mental Status Exam provides Multiselect list boxes that allow for single or multiple descriptors of appearance, movements, affect, mood, speech, sensorium, thoughts (clinician estimate of intellect, perception, form, contents), memory, insight and judgment. You can add your own descriptors to the lists provided and modify the sentences generated at will. Mental Status Exams aid in but do not in and of themselves generate diagnoses.

AGES: Any age; depends on clinician's judgement


$189.99 downloaded*. One User per Seat.

$289.99 downloaded*. per one purchaser's Seat.

Trauma-Focused Functional Behavior Assessment and standard Functional Behavior Assessment and systematic Classroom Behavior Observation Form

The Trauma-Focused Functional Behavior Assessment and the standard Functional Behavior Assessments provide text boxes, drop-down boxes, multiselect list boxes, and checkboxes to allow school personnel to analyze behaviors so as to proactively intervene in real time. This enables the classroom teacher to assist the student in meeting their needs (i.e., the function of their behavior) through socially and educationally appropriate means. Also included is a systematic Classroom Behavior Observation Form.

AGES: Pre-, Primary and Secondary School-aged students.


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Socio-Economic Level Indicator

The Socio-Economic Level Indicator is a research instrument which has good face validity but needs real-world data for development. As such, it is offered for its heuristic value

AGES: Any age

$89.99 downloaded*. Unrestricted number of users per Seat.

Life Functioning Assessment

The Life Functioning Assessment identifies deficiencies in how an individual relates to societal instutions. It is based on the premise that all societies throughout the history of mankind have developed the same societal institutions to help people cope: Government, Family, Religion, Education, Economics (with a division of labor), Language, Arts, Recreation, and Healthcare. This aids in care management.

AGES: Primarily for adults. May be useful with adolescents facing graduation.

$89.99 downloaded*. Unrestricted number of users per Seat.

Co-Pharmacy Indicators

Co-Pharmacy Indicators allows you to document considerations made before the prescribing of more than one medication. This aids in a number of ways, including quality assurance and care management.

$89.99 downloaded*. Unrestricted number of users per Seat.
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Keep up with your life! The Vehicle form is used as an illustration. You can upload up to 6 photos/videos to each of the Attachment fields (#3.) You use the Tabs to explain the process of the repair, from getting parts to the tools needed, to the repair itself.

Not Applicable
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Passwords enables you to keep up with Passwords, Logins, Package Tracking, Web Addresses, Contacts, Mailing Addresses, etc.

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$19.99 This program can only be downloaded* (e-mail payment to fcbhc@att.net through Paypal or use BUY NOW button).

Minimum System Requirements for Clinical Practice Software:
Microsoft compatible computer,VGA or higher resolution monitor and a pointing device (e.g., mouse). All of our software runs under Windows and Microsoft Access. Our software will not run on smartphones or Apple computers. A free version of MSAccess Runtime edition is available for download from Microsoft. Please scroll down page past the Microsoft 365 offer to "Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime." Our programs currently are offered only in English. Select Download.
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Please Note:

There are restrictions on who is allowed to purchase our clinical software. If you are not a licensed health service provider but you are 21 years old or older you may be able to purchase selected items that are designated as not restricted. In general, if the program does not suggest psychodiagnoses (Automated Mental Status Exam, Master Treatment Plan, Progress Notes, Life Functioning Assessment do not), you do not have to be a licensed clinician to purchase. To purchase those items that are not restricted, Click on the PayPal® (BUY NOW) Button or contact us directly.

Licensed health service providers who wish to purchase the restricted clinical software (the Clinical Index of Stress is restricted) must first send a copy of your current license. Your future permission to purchase need only be renewed when your license is renewed.

We will advise you of the status of your order and notify you when it will be available for downloading.

PU/PY fees. One Seat is all of the purchaser's devices (Computer, laptop, pad, phone if possible). If using on one Seat, a number of Seats, or a Network, you must notify us of the number of users on the Computer(s) or Network. Some of our materials are used with the permission/licensing of the American Psychiatric Association Publishing and for that software only per-user-per-year fees (PU/PY fees, up to $15.00 per-user-per-year) must be paid by the purchaser (entity/end user). This is strictly a licensing/permissions relationship and not an endorsement of our products by the American Psychiatric Association.

Without a copy of a your health service provider license, we will not release an order (except as specified above). A service charge will be made for processing inappropriate unlicensed submissions.

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We reserve the right to grant permissions totally at our discretion.

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